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◄ Official Forum Rules of Ultimate Dm Carnage Server ►(If you don't follow these rules you might not get to post without permission or even get banned.)

Rule #1: Search before you ask anything!More Info:(Most of the questions have already been asked and answered before.)

Rule #2: No warez or illegal material!More Info:(And no pornography, no-cd cracks, including any of the san andreas game files or leaked content.)

Rule #3: Do not create alternate or multiple accounts.More Info:(If you have been banned you are not allowed to create another account, if you want to change name you can do it in the account settings.)

Rule #4: No racism or other forms of discrimination.More Info:(We take this very seriously any sign of this may result in post/topic deletion or even ban!)

Rule #5: Do not advertise!More Info:( A link to a site related to the topic is fine, spamming your home page is not. This includes advertising your servers and services.)

Rule #6: No SPAM!More Info:(If you are adding no useful information to a topic, you are spamming.)

Rule #7: No double posting!More Info:(There is a modify button, please use it.)

Rule #8: English Only!More Info:(If you want to let someone know something here on the forum on another language use the Private-message function.)

Rule #9: Respect other members!More Info:(Do not insult, curse at, tease or make offensive comments towards other members.)

Rule #10: Do not post religious, political or other controversial threads!More Info:(We do not tolerate any threads of this kind.)

Rule #11: Do not abuse the private message and reputation systems!More Info:(Any signs of private message and/or reputation system abuse will be dealt with immediately.)

Rule #12: No Bumping!More Info:(Never post something on your topic to raise it to the top of the sub-forum, or to make the "new topic" symbol to activate.)
Rule #13: Report rulebreaking post!More Info:(If you see another post breaking the rules please report it, do not reply to the infringing post.)

Rule #14: Signatures!More Info:(Images in your signatures can be a maximum of 400px high and 300 characters.)

This is also nice work :D

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Am a little bit angry that Eden is gone from the most important posts on here..


--- Quote from: [TNM]G r o v e on August 30, 2012, 17:53:50 pm ---Am a little bit angry that Eden is gone from the most important posts on here..

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Yeah, yours will also be removed soon xD


--- Quote from: MaDDoG on August 30, 2012, 17:41:06 pm ---This is also nice work :D

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