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the safe in regular player club


Its nice that you can get money from the safe if you dont have money to buy weapons or armour ;).

But you see that if some players are regular player at score: 50 they are getting more and more money from the safe and banking it and then die..... but if you try that 100 times you got over 5 million money for sure. >:(

But my question is : Can someone please move the score you need to be a regular player to 250. :)

if its not a good idea please say ;D

[TG]Simon_Killer    (simon)

You can only win between 0 - 70,000 $ each time, You're most likely to die a bunch of times if you do it very much and the amount of times a player is able to rob the safe is limited....

So to make 5,000,000 $ at once you're probably going to have at it a whole day and if you have the patience to do that i think you deserv five millions ...

My suggestion is for regular player 250 scores or 100 kills.

But that creates a small issue...all players with 50 score and are already Regular players...what happends to them ?

with the players that are regular player now with above 50 score and lower 250 score can be 'unregulared' and then be regular again if your above 250 score


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