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◄ Official Server Rules of Ultimate Dm Carnage Server ►(You can also see all the rules ingame just by typing "/rules" in chat box.)

Rule #1: Respect and listen to the Admins!More Info:(Always pay attention to what admins have to say and remember that they can't deal with everything. Don't insult the admins and respect their decisions.)

Rule #2: Respect other players!More Info:(This is only a game so be nice to each others. Don't insult or use bad words.)

Rule #3: No Cheating!More Info:(Any form of cheating is forbidden this also includes all the mods that gives you an advantage in gameplay.)

Rule #4: Don't use bugs to get advantage in the gameplay!More Info:(The only bugs which are allowed are: 2shot & slide bug. Abusing any other server/client bug will get you in deep problems!
 If you find a bug you can either post it here on the forums in the "Bugs / Typos" section or concact [TNM]Roban ingame.)

Rule #5: No death avoiding EVER!More Info:(Death avoiding is never allowed even if it's a cheater that is going to kill you! Make sure that you turn off things that can minimize your game
 automatically like: Windows updatem Java update, Flash update. And make sure that Skype and msn is set to busy or else they are able to minimize the game too.)

Rule #6: No drivebying!More Info:(You can driveby as an passenger as long as you only shoot at vehicles and not at players on foot!
Also make sure that the vehicle you're drivebying from has a driver because if not the vehicle gets godmode which is bug abuse!)

Rule #7: No heli killing!More Info:(Killing or trying to kill other players using the heli blades is NOT allowed!)

Rule #8: No big teams against smaller ones!More Info:(It's not fun or fair to play with uneven teams! You will be punished for teaming if you are doing 3 vs 1 or more.
Drivers count as a part or the team so u can't have 1 driver and 2 shooters.)

Rule #9: No car parking!More Info:(It's not allowed to put your car ontop of another player! It's allowed to hit them with the car as long as you don't stand still ontop of them!)

Rule #10: No Spawnkilling!More Info:(It's not allowed to kill someone before they have a chance to defend themselves!)

Rule #11: No freekillingMore Info:(Don't kill someone that is just standing still they might be brb but not paused the game or they are chatting.
 Killing someone like this is like getting fake score and therefore is not allowed!)

Rule #12: No spamming!More Info:(No form of spamming is allowed! Do not spam the main chat, pm, irc or any other communication methods! also don't leave Caps lock on all the time.)
Rule #13: No camping!More Info:(Camping inside buildings like stores or houses is NOT allowed! Camping is when you stand near a door just waiting for someone to come in.)

Rule #14: Use /report to report and not the chat!More Info:(The chat is not an report sustem so use /report [id] [reason] instead if you have found someone rulebreaking or cheating!
If you report in the chat the player you reported will most likely stop with the rulebreaking and/or cheating which will make it impossible for us admins to take actions against him!)

Rule #15: No C-bugging!More Info:(C-bugging is not allowed in any way, shape or form. by performing c-bug, you will be auto-freezed for 10 seconds.)

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