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Server updated to version!


Server updated to version! This is the biggest update in a long time.. Also many admin only stuff in this update that you can't see in this changelog:

--- Code: ---1. Fixed so you can't /q to keep your weaps after death..
2. Fixed so we doesn't get stuck in costom object when teleporting...
3. Added a custom made ban script to make it way easyer to handle bans.
4. Fixed a sa-mp bug that did so you diden't see the ban reason when you got banned.
5. Fixed so banned players gets there ban reason every time they try to join.
6. Added a thing so we can block parking on some levels so frim now on we can stop players from parking on the lowest levels of the parking house!
7. Non admins will now die faster near the admin zone!
8. Fixed one of the last bugs that can lead to stats lose..
9. Updated the new island..
10. Fixed so when you /q inside a building you wont start ontop of it!!!!!! The same with /specoff and /endrc..

--- End code ---

Pretty cool update ^^


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