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Hi :) I've been thinking...

but who would like to have back the old CarNaGe SerVer?
And that includes an old script, (like it was before in May-2012 or samthing,)

I just wanna se how many of (real CarNage boys) who  agree's on this point :p

But sadly, i think Roban will not care to do it/or can't, But we can do it for fun anyway^^ lol

Type a Yes/No to vote
And of course please say your opinion :)

Remember? xD

Cheers Homies 8)

[TNM]G r o v e:
No one is playing anymore...

Yeah thats true...
Sad :(

Pointless besides as the others said no one plays so yet again even more pointless.

Old script is lame in comparison to the current one.



i like the old visual style but still the current script is more advanced than before so:
Yes for the old visuals
No for returning the old script :))

cheers :D


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