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Reseting Slaps and Warns

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[TNM]G r o v e:
It seems like some old players have still her slaps and warns, I think they should get delited some of them. Indeed 25 % - 30 % at all.

So what did you guys the players (and of course us the admins) think about it? Should we reset some or would you keep them to risk a ban ? I think no.
I am also intersted to hold our "smal player counter", because it would be stupid to ban a player with such a lowie or a stupid reason..
Anyways I am not a friend in slaping or warning but some players have to much slaps and warns on here !!!

(other suggestions where put into our knowledge)

Will reset everyone to 0 right now. I also have plans on replacing some standard punishments from slap to jail.

[TNM]G r o v e:
Awesome, so you guys can finally Play without your slaps|warns in your back..  :) but the jail plan etc. sounds intersting.

Yes I think jail is better then slap.. They do not seem to care about the slaps until it's to late anyway. Anyway the jail script needs improving first with more cells and the time shouldn't go down if you are brb.

Nice suggestion and you have a point there....they dont even care if they got bans..and banevads anyway...so jail is better...perhaps long jailingtime :D


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