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IRC Rules
« on: September 01, 2012, 00:48:20 am »
◄ Official IRC Rules of Ultimate Dm Carnage Server ►
(Our IRC channel is a privilage, not a right so use it for good and not evil.)

Rule #1: No Fake identities!
More Info:(Pretending to be someone else is STRICTLY forbidden, this applies to insulting names aswell.)

Rule #2: No Spamming/Advertising!
More Info:(Spamming or Advertising of any kind will not be tolerated.)

Rule #3: Respect other users!
More Info:(Do not insult/offend other users in the IRC or players in game through the irc system.)

Rule #4: Keep it Appropriate
More Info:(Think before you type, is your comment appropriate? Is it possible someone may misinterpret what you're saying in jest as hateful speech?)
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